Roles & Responsibilities

Every season, Junior Premier Hockey events require the participation of interested individuals to fill various roles and are charged with implementing the rules and regulations of the game. Together, we work to provide and maintain the high quality event for which JPH has come to be known.

All those appointed should endeavor to:

  • have proficient knowledge and consistent application of the relevant rules and regulations;
  • have the skills required to perform their roles effectively, and ensure adequate preparation;
  • maintain a professional attitude and have a calm conduct under pressure;
  • demonstrate a mutually respectful attitude towards all those involved;
  • build good working relationships with all stakeholders;
  • keep confidential any information entrusted to them as a result of their role;
  • enjoy all aspects of an event.


The duties of the ATC are as follows:

  • Pay rate is $35/hour
  • Professionalism and attention to your duties in an expedited manner
  • Walk with your own kit and ice bags, ice will be provided on site
  • Provide medical services such as evaluating injuries and providing first aid as needed throughout the day
  • You will be contacted via email by the Technical Delegate (TD) in the week prior to confirm all details
  • Arrive in time for the start of the first match and stay through the end of the last match on your field
  • Report to the TD upon your arrival to get set up for the day. The TD is your main point of contact for any questions throughout the event
  • Drinks, lunch, snacks will be provided on site

Thank you in advance for volunteering to support JPH and your hockey club in our efforts to proive accurate and prompt match results and statistics. As a judge:

  • Professionalism and attention to your duties are expected and appreciated
  • No comments to the umpires, players, or coaches of either team
  • Coaching is not allowed during the match on which they are serving
  • All questions should be directed to the JPH Technical Officer (TO) stationed at your field

When you arrive at the field, there will be two judges, one from each team. Together, both judges must complete the following:


  1. Set & Start the Clock on time for each:
    1. Match – must start on time!
    2. Quarter (running clock)
    3. Half-time interval
    4. Warm-Up (as available – must stay on schedule)
  2. Update scores at the umpire whistle after each goal
  3. Update period indicator before start of period

Match Report – Paper and/or Altius Computer Program

  1. Check Match Report to confirm all player numbers are correct
  2. Record official match statistics
    1. Goals – team, player number, minute of goal, type of goal, resulting score
    2. Cards – team, player number, card color, minute of card
    3. Starters – indicated by “X”
    4. Substitutions – minute of first pitch entry
  3. Make note of half-time and full-time score
  4. Sign the match report at the end of the match

As Site Coordinator, your main priority is to provide on-site hospitality (lunch, drinks, & snacks) to the JPH staff and to assist the on-site TD (Technical Delegate) with miscellaneous tasks. The duties of the Site Coordinator are as follows:

PAY RATE: $150/day or $85/half day


  1. Your TD will be in contact via email by Wednesday the week of your appointment with complete event details, how many people you need to feed, and if there are any particular items you need/don’t need
  2. PREPURCHASE all hospitality items and bring with you to the event
    1. $185 hospitality budget per date
    2. Advise Rachael if you prefer $185 via Venmo before the event or to be reimbursed post-event.
    3. Lunch, you can also take food orders on site, must bring to site by 12noon (pizza is not lunch)
    4. Fruits are a staff favorite
    5. Veggies are a staff favorite
    6. Salad
    7. Breakfast snacks (Croissants/bagels/cream cheese)
    8. Granola bars, fruit snacks
    9. Chips
    10. 1 case of sports drinks
    11. 2 cases of water
    12. Check with the TD if you need to purchase:
      1. 4 bags of ice
      2. Coffee & Half pint of creamer
      3. Plates, utensils & napkins
  3. Arrive on-site appx 30min prior to the start of the day and set-up the hospitality area
  4. Maintain the hospitality area throughout the day
  5. Deliver lunch by 12noon
  6. Check with the TD for other miscellaneous tasks throughout the day
  7. At the end of the day, pack up the hospitality area and assist staff in cleaning up the facility prior to departure. Be sure to leave drinks & snacks for the staff working the final match/es
  8. Post-event, email all receipts to Rachael

The duties of the Technical Delegate are as follows:

Prior to the event

  1. Know the FIH Rules of Hockey and the JPH Rules & Regulations
  2. TD Kit
    1. You are responsible for safekeeping and care of all technical equipment as provided by JPH, complete list follows “Package Inventory”
    2. Ensure all equipment is ready for each competition date
    3. If you will not be in attendance on any given date, make arrangements for the equipment to get to the site for the next scheduled date
    4. TD has the authority to purchase up to $25 season total of any additional items needed during the season without approval. Seek approval from the Technical Director prior to exceeding the $25 budget.
    5. If you make any new technology purchases that might be useful for other regions, please report these findings to the Technical Director.
  3. Dropbox – access for forms, reports, and other various details and resources
  4. Event Preparation
    1. Make contact with TOs, SC, UM, VC, and ATC at least 5 days prior to the event
    2. Re-confirm their appointment
    3. Check if hotel is needed
    4. Discuss arrival time at venue
    5. Copy Lurah Hess, Rachael Bloemker, and Nigel Traverso
    6. Copy Lurah Hess on all email communications sent to TOs
  5. Altius RT
    1. Enter all TO match assignments into Altius then Publish.
    2. If umpire assignments are incomplete, follow up with the Umpire Manager.
    3. Print out all match reports the night before the event.
    4. Any questions regarding AltiusRT, contact Kim Scott – AltiusRT Director

Day of Event

  1. Tablets
    1. Confirm tablets are connected to the internet
    2. Confirm your AltiusRT login is working
  2. Communication
    1. Confirm cell phone numbers for TOs, SC, ATC, & Facility Contact
    2. Know where all staff will be based during the day
    3. We recommend setting up a group text message for the day
  3. Support TOs, UMs, and Team Managers to meet their needs and to help them be successful in all their responsibilities
  4. Remind ATCs to submit injury reports via the Injury Report Form
  5. Problem solve as issues arise
    1. Work with Site Coordinator & Facility Contact for logistical issues
    2. Work with Umpire Manager for umpire issues
  6. Deal with any disciplinary actions that arise
    1. Follow JPH Code of Conduct/Hearing Process
    2. Report all red cards/disciplinary actions to Technical Director
    3. Complete an Incident Report when necessary
  7. Cover for the TOs if they need a break

Post Event – within 24 hours of last match

  1. Match Reports
    1. Confirm all Match Reports are entered correctly into AltiusRT and set status to ‘Official’
    2. The signed match report is the official document and AltiusRT should be corrected to match it
  2. Fill out a TD report & submit to Lurah Hess
    1. Use JPH TD report template
    2. Report to be read by JPH Directors & Technical Director

Post Season

  1. Using the Equipment Inventory Form, provide an inventory of all equipment in your possession and a list of items that are needed for the start of the next season
  2. Submit receipts for reimbursement for any expenses throughout the course of the season to the Technical Director

Package Inventory

Please be sure to take quality care of this inventory as it will help you successfully and easily run your site each week

  • 2 tablets (1 per tech table)
    • 2 pencil cases (1 per tech table) each containing:
    • Pens
    • Memo Pads
    • 2 Timers
    • 2 Stop Watches
    • Extra Batteries
  • 2 air horns (1 per field)
  • 12 game balls (2 per field)
  • Scissors
  • Cable ties
  • 2 clipboards, w plastic sheet covers for rain (1 per field) to include:
    • Match Reports & Card Registration Forms
    • Judge Responsibilities Document
    • League schedule
    • Rules & Appendices
    • Shootout Results Form (Championships only)
    • Full USAFH submitted rosters (JPOL)

The duties of the Technical Officer are as follows:

Prior to Start of Match

  1. Know the FIH Rules of Hockey and the JPH Rules & Regulations
  2. Confirm you have correct cell phone numbers for contacting TD & ATC and know where they will be based during the day
  3. Check all equipment is ready for the match
    1. Tablets
      1. Confirm tablets are connected to the internet
      2. Confirm your AltiusRT login is working
    2. Tech tables – paperwork/match report, stop watches, timers, blood kit
    3. Field/Court – Proper line markings, boards, goals and nets, balls
    4. Scoreboard/clock and audible (air)horn
  4. Confirm teams and GKs are wearing contrasting colors as according to rules
  5. Introduce yourself to the team manager – remember names & build good relationships

During the Match

  1. Ensure all Rules & Regulations are enforced outside the field of play
  2. Be the central point of communication for teams, umpires, and judges
  3. Be visible and attentive to teams’ and umpires’ needs
  4. Share information from TD or organizers with both team managers equitably
  5. Manage team bench and technical area as according to the spirit of the rules with consideration of the following:
    1. Manage the sidelines in accordance with the Code of Conduct
    2. Coaches/managers/players on team bench may not direct vocal communication or distractions towards umpires, judges, or players of the opposing team
    3. Players are to remain seated on the bench
    4. Coach may stand, however the umpire has priority when they need to see or move along the sideline
    5. Umpires should not card coaches or managers – bench behavior needs to be managed by the TO
    6. TO has authority to eject/suspend team staff – no need to show cards, just tell them to leave
    7. Keep sidelines clear of trip hazards – including bags, equipment, water bottles, extra balls
    8. Manage
      1. Number of coaches (2) on the bench & in the technical area
      2. Number of players on a team (JPOL – 18 / JPIL – 12)
      3. And time card suspensions
      4. Re-entry time if injured player is attended to on field of play (JPOL – 2 minutes / JPIL – 1 minute)
      5. Substitutions – know these rules well
  6. Ensure Judges are familiar & successful with their duties.
    1. Scoreboard/Clock
      1. Start Clock for each period, Half-time interval, and Warm-up
      2. Update scores & period indicator
      3. Matches must stay on schedule – do not get ahead or behind
    2. Match Report – Paper & Computer
      1. Match Report Check – Uniform number must correspond to Match Report number in order to play.
      2. Record Goals & Cards – confirm with team manager to confirm goal scorer if unsure
    3. Review entries with judges at half time & 2 minutes before end of match to ensure everyone agrees on the results
  7. Keep separate notes in your own notepad – statistics, sideline behavior, etc
  8. Clean any liquid hazards or blood staining on the field of play

Post Match

  1. Ensure umpire safety at the end of the match
  2. Obtain match report signatures at end of match, in correct order
    1. Team Manager
    2. Umpires
    3. Judges
    4. TO
  3. Ensure benches are clear of trash after each match
  4. Report any on-site problems or questions to the TD

We would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for coming on board as Umpire Managers for this year’s Junior Premier Hockey (JPH). We all know how important it is to have good UM’s, such as yourselves, to work with the umpires, therefore we at JPH want to invest in you, the Umpire Managers, and those umpires who are committed to the sport and want to get better.

The main responsibilities of the Umpire Manager is outlined in the following and further detailed in the UM Handbook, should you be selected to the role.

  1. Communication
    1. Communicate regularly with the JPH Directors to keep them informed of progress and maintenance throughout the UM process
    2. Communicate regularly with your umpiring team via email or other necessary means pre-, during-, post-season to ensure transparency and organization
    3. Interact with technical officials and coaches to build relationships
    4. Submit a UM report after each competition date
    5. Advise of any issues, concerns, misconduct that needs to be documented or further addressed
  2. Recruit, Train and Retain umpires
    1. Identify umpires to develop and/or to get involved
    2. Coach umpires to better performances
    3. Build an umpiring team and encourage future participation
  3. Invitations, Confirmations, Appointments
    1. Work with JPH Directors to invite & confirm quality & sufficient umpires to your event
    2. Decide & enter Match Appointments in AltiusRT tournament management system
    3. Coordinate with other UMs to promote umpires and assist each other in fulfilling needs across all sites
  4. Objectives, Self-Evaluation, JPH UPF & USA FH UPF
    1. Convey the JPH umpire expectations to your team and uphold throughout the season
    2. Work with your umpiring team to evaluate throughout the season to continue to improve and develop all umpires
    3. Provide promotion and rating opportunities when qualified or requested
    4. Provide an evaluation for each umpire worked with during the season to the umpire and JPH Directors for filing
  5. Radios & Equipment
    1. Store, transport, & maintain umpire radios for your site so all is fully powered and in working order for each competition date and future seasons
  6. Google Sheets
    1. Reference and maintain your event’s Google Sheets for umpire appointments, umpire contact information, event schedule, hotel requests, ear piece distribution, submitting UM Reports, final match count (payments) of your umpiring team, and a complete season Agenda

What does it take to be a great Umpire? – USAFH
Register as USA FH Umpire Member


  • Responds promptly to any communication he/she receives, either concerning an appointment to an event or from the appointed…UM or [JPH Director].
  • Ensures that travel arrangements enable him/her to arrive at an event on time…
  • Ensures continuous pre-event dialogue with UM.
  • Attends pre-event briefings…: discusses how a team of umpires [and technical staff] can work together, goes through scenarios and how to deal with them, reviews processes and protocols.
  • Prepares properly for each event, ensuring that he/she is both mentally and physically fit to carry out umpiring duties.
  • Needs to be aware of the requirement to prepare differently for unfamiliar climates.
  • Makes sure to have the required equipment [and uniform] available and in working order.
  • Debriefs on overall performance with UM…before leaving the event…
  • Be a role model as an [JPH] representative.
  • Treat the teams with respect.



  • Excellent knowledge of the latest FIH Rules of Hockey and relevant [JPH] Tournament Regulations.
  • Keep up to date with the way the game is constantly developing.
  • Teamwork on and off the pitch cannot be over emphasised.
  • [Overall good communication skills.]
  • Be event fit, both mentally and physically.
  • Be supportive of other participants and colleagues.
  • Be trustworthy – act with integrity and be impartial.
  • Have good people skills.

As Video Operator, your main priority is to control the on-site live streaming Mevo camera to provide for the optimum remote viewing experience for those unable to attend the event.

Video Operator Responsibilities

  1. No prior experience required
  2. Must be comfortable using and viewing an iPad
  3. Instructions/demo on use of the camera will be provided upon your arrival
  4. Assist the TD in set-up/breakdown of camera
  5. Via iPad controls, provide optimum live stream viewing experience of the day’s matches on Court 1
  6. Upload videos to JPH YouTube or shared folder if live stream not working
  7. Manage battery and hardware set-up as needed throughout the day
  8. On-site hospitality provided
  9. MEVO On-site User Manual >