Tech & Umpires

Stay informed and join the ‘Third Team’! Check out the links below to register for JPH events as a tech or umpire and get up-to-date rules and regulations of the game. For those of you already on site, all reporting forms are also listed below ready for your submissions.

All technical staff are selected and assigned by the Technical Director, Lurah Hess.
All umpires staff are selected and assigned by the Director of Umpiring, Rachael Bloemker.

2022 JPIL U14 & JPIT Umpire Registration
2022 JPIL & JPIT Tech, Site Coordinator & Video Operator Registration
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JPIL Rules & Regulations 2022
FIH Appendix 1 – Captains, Cards
JPH Appendix 2 – Competition Plan
FIH Appendix 3 – Ranking in a Pool
FIH Appendix 7 – Shoot Out
JPH Appendix 8 – Code of Conduct
FIH Appendix 9 – Hearing Process
FIH Rules of Indoor Hockey