Below are some testimonials from university coaches, participants and parents who have enjoyed the benefits of Junior Premier Hockey.

SPark has been involved in JPH for a very long time in both the indoor and outdoor leagues. We have found JPH to consistently provide the best field hockey events in the USA: Most professional umpiring and support staff, clarity in decision-making and event scheduling league-based competitions that facilitate player’s development. We firmly believe that JPH is the way forward for all regional and national events in the USA and are excited to see them expand their geographical reach.
December 2021

From its inception the JPIL has provided an exceptional venue for our players to compete at a very high level on a consistent basis. Each year our players look forward to competing in the Junior Premier Indoor League. The competition format, quality of officiating and the organization of the league has made the decision for our club to continue our association with the JPIL.
Brian Hope, Head Coach Xcalibur Field Hockey Club
November 2019

The Warhawks Field Hockey Club is looking forward to participating in another winter JPIL season. We had such a fantastic experience last winter and we have two age groups joining this season. This league is incredibly organized with competitive teams, some of the top ranked players in the country, top rated officials, and a friendly support staff. The JPIL league is also a great way to help teams prepare for the National Indoor Tournament at the end of indoor season. Our U14 team won JPIL last year and Nigel and Rachael made it very special for our players at the awards ceremony. We highly recommend this league for competitive teams and clubs. – Thank you!
Ali Eyre, Warhawks Field Hockey Club
November 2019

We had a fantastic time at the JPIL this season, the girls really enjoyed it!…Having league play is so important in developing skills over a horizon. It was professional, organized and a lot of fun. The players and the families really enjoyed the JPIL as it created a recurring set of games really making the indoor season feel like it had a beginning and end. Being connected to a league really helped the girls feel connected to the sport, the other teams, (who are we playing this week? what is their record ?) was wonderful. Plus is created a consistent cycle of play prior to the NIT.
Andree Bourgon, Administrator Rapid Fire Elite
March 2018

Hudson Valley is honored to participate in our 7th consecutive JPIL season! The Junior Premier Indoor League provides challenging competition and exposes us to the newest tactics and techniques in the game of Indoor. Nigel and Rachael have created a league where some of the country’s best coaches, players, officials and support staff constantly give their best efforts. Everyone is committed to the league and it is worth the time and distance traveled! We are excited to return for the 2018 edition!
Sharon Sarsen, Head Coach Hudson Valley
December 2017

Congratulations on another fantastic JPOL season! As an International Hockey Federation (FIH) Executive Board Member, I am proud of Nigel Traverso and Rachael Bloemker for aligning themselves with FIH’s purpose “to raise the global popularity of hockey.” By creating a premier league for clubs in the United States, they are not only creating competitive playing opportunities for clubs around the country, but also building a recognized, powerful image – a league that, in the very near future, every club will want to compete!
Pam Stuper, USA Field Hockey Foundation Trustee
July 2015

Visiting JPOL Region 5 was a very worthwhile trip for me from Albany, NY. It was refreshing to watch the PA Clubs play in a competitive, well organize league structure, where athletes play in their preferred positions and see the cohesiveness of a team. The players look very comfortable and relaxed playing with their club team mates who they know. I was impressed with the level of play and look forward to 2015, when I plan to attend the other JPOL Regions and watch more Clubs compete.
Andrew Thornton, Associate Head Coach University at Albany
June 2014