Posted by: Rachael Bloemker

March 17, 2020

To all JPH participants and enthusiasts:

As mentioned late last week, we advised that we would continue to monitor the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. After careful consideration and review, we have decided to cancel JPOL 2020 in its entirety – all sites, regions, and dates. A full refund of any deposits/payments made will be processed over the next few days.

As you can imagine, this decision was not made lightly, however we feel that it is the best option given:

  • Unknown and ever-changing health risks;
  • Scheduling, planning, training and appointment uncertainty for all of the athletes, parents, admins, staff and facilities if monitored on a week-to-week basis;
  • USAFH has announced suspension of it’s Futures programming until further notice and we recognize that this may come to affect other events as well. When/if these events are rescheduled, it would inevitably conflict with JPOL schedules, thus causing further stress on everyone’s schedules and resources. We hope that our decision will provide cooperation and clear the way for a smooth transition back to regular scheduling when possible.

JPH’s mission is to provide our participants with well-organized, competitive leagues whereby clubs have the opportunity to compete against each other on a regular basis over the course of the season and year to year in an international format. With the current environment, we feel that we are unable to provide you with this, thus our unfortunate decision to cancel the season.

We are just as disappointed as many of you, but rest assured we will be back in 2021 for our 10-year anniversary.

Thank you in advanced for your understanding and continued support. Stay healthy and we look forward to returning to you soon.

Junior Premier Hockey
Rachael Bloemker
Nigel Traverso
Lurah Hess
Kim Scott