Site Coordinator Responsibilities

As Site Coordinator, your job is to provide hospitality and work closely with the on-site TD and UM to make sure everything is provided for. We request that you have a car to purchase hospitality items prior to date of event and transport to the competition. If you do not have a car, but are available to work the event, please advise.

Getting Started:

  • Provide us with your email address, mailing address, cell phone number
  • Advise – for expenses, do you prefer receiving funds beforehand or to submit receipt totals after each date? All expenses will be fully reimbursed either way
  • Arrive 1-hour prior to start time to assist in set-up
  • Always dress for the weather!
  • Total hospitality budget per date is $150

Know contact info for the following people:

Any issues or questions should be directed first to your Assignor or TD, then to JPH Directors, listed at the bottom of this page.

Site Coordinator Assignor – Rachael Bloemker – (267) 307-3723,
Technical Delegate (TD) – you will report to this person on-site, may change per date

The duties of the site coordinator are as follows:


  1. Purchase hospitality items prior to arrival ($40 budget)
    1. Suggestions are listed at the bottom of this page. Think of what you would like to snack on throughout the day. Your TD may already have some leftovers, so it’s good to coordinate with him/her prior to. If you need help, just ask!
    2. JPH Members includes: JPH Directors, TD, TOs, UM, ATC, Umpires, SC, Sponsors, USAFH representatives, college coaches, facility contact, and other special guests
    3. When there are 2 courts/fields, there are appx 15 JPH members
    4. When there is 1 court/field, there are appx 10 JPH members
  2. Upon arrival, set-up hospitality area
    1. Hospitality area should be separate/removed from main competition area with table & chairs. Maintain the area throughout the day as needed
    2. Your TD will have plates, utensils, napkins, coffee/maker, etc on-site for you to set-up and utilize
  3. Purchase lunch/party/deli tray for lunch for all JPH members ($110 budget)
    1. Find a local food store/deli/restaurant or contact your Assignor for recommendations
    2. JPOL R8 Site Coordinator, Kim Bair, making her hospitality the most festive!
    3. Pick-up/deliver lunch to the hospitality area no later than 12noon
  4. Save receipts for full reimbursement

Pitch/Court set-up

  1. Work with TD to set up courts/fields
  2. Start/End on time, ensure facility is closed down and left in good condition
  3. Equipment
    1. Goals
    2. Field/court markings are correct
    3. Corner flags
    4. Boards
    5. Technical table (1 at each 50-yd line / half court)
    6. Chairs (at least 4 chairs at each technical table)
    7. Scoreboard
    8. Team benches
    9. 3 tents (JPOL only – 1 per tech table, 1 umpires/hospitality)
  4. Oversee pitch watering (JPOL only) – keep tech table/equipment dry!

ATC set-up

  1. 2-3 chairs, a table and work area accessible to both pitches/courts
  2. Cooler and ice
  3. TD may have a binder to give to ATC that includes:
    1. JPH Injury Policy
    2. Incident Reports
    3. Emergency contact information is on the website on Venues & Hotels page

Provide support to Technical crew

  1. Once hospitality and lunch are taken care of, see the TD to assist as lead judge and/or Technical Officer assistant

Additional Notes

  • For full season SC – You are responsible for the safekeeping, transporting and set-up of the tents and coolers for hospitality and ATCs.
  • If you are not a full season SC, please coordinate with the TD for transportation of equipment to get to the site in time for the next scheduled date.
  • Please take the utmost care of all equipment for future use.
  • Should you require any additional equipment throughout the season, please request approval from the JPH Director(s).
  • At the end of the season, submit an itemized spreadsheet and receipts (email or mail) for reimbursement for any expenses throughout the course of the season to Rachael Bloemker.
  • At the end of each season, email Rachael Bloemker if you require additional equipment purchases.

Hospitality Item Suggestions ($40 budget per date)

  • Ice (4 small bags) if not supplied by facility for hospitality & ATC
  • 1 large cooler (provided by TD) – hospitality/drinks
  • 1 small cooler (provided by TD) – ATC ice
  • 2 fruits/vegetables
  • 1 breakfast snack (Muffins/croissants/bagels with cream cheese)
  • 2 granola bars/cake/brownies/cookies/crackers
  • 1 bag chips
  • 1 qt Orange juice
  • 1 case soda
  • 1 pack small sports drink
  • 2 cases Water
  • Half & half/cream (half pint)
  • Contact TD prior to competition date to coordinate

Any questions, issues, or if you are interested in getting involved, please contact us:

Nigel Traverso – JPH Director (516) 633-9471,
Rachael Bloemker – JPH Director (267) 307-3723,
Lurah Hess – JPH Technical Director (215) 317-5283,
TBD – JPH Director of Umpiring,
Kim Scott – JPH AltiusRT Director (717) 585-1780,
Ridge Bair – JPH Communications Officer (717) 320-2034,

Thank you for supporting Junior Premier Hockey & enjoy the match!