Umpire Manager Responsibilities

We would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for coming on board as Umpire Managers for this year’s Junior Premier Hockey (JPH). We all know how important it is to have good UM’s, such as yourselves, to work with the umpires, therefore we at JPH want to invest in you, the Umpire Managers, and those umpires who are committed to the sport and want to get better.

The main responsibilities of the Umpire Manager is outlined in the following and further detailed in the UM Handbook, should you be selected to the role.

  1. Communication
    1. Communicate regularly with the JPH Directors to keep them informed of progress and maintenance throughout the UM process
    2. Communicate regularly with your umpiring team via email or other necessary means pre-, during-, post-season to ensure transparency and organization
    3. Interact with technical officials and coaches to build relationships
    4. Submit a UM report after each competition date
    5. Advise of any issues, concerns, misconduct that needs to be documented or further addressed
  2. Recruit, Train and Retain umpires
    1. Identify umpires to develop and/or to get involved
    2. Coach umpires to better performances
    3. Build an umpiring team and encourage future participation
  3. Invitations, Confirmations, Appointments
    1. Work with JPH Directors to invite & confirm quality & sufficient umpires to your event
    2. Decide & enter Match Appointments in AltiusRT tournament management system
    3. Coordinate with other UMs to promote umpires and assist each other in fulfilling needs across all sites
  4. Objectives, Self-Evaluation, JPH UPF & USA FH UPF
    1. Convey the JPH umpire expectations to your team and uphold throughout the season
    2. Work with your umpiring team to evaluate throughout the season to continue to improve and develop all umpires
    3. Provide promotion and rating opportunities when qualified or requested
    4. Provide an evaluation for each umpire worked with during the season to the umpire and JPH Directors for filing
  5. Radios & Equipment
    1. Store, transport, & maintain umpire radios for your site so all is fully powered and in working order for each competition date and future seasons
  6. Google Sheets
    1. Reference and maintain your event’s Google Sheets for umpire appointments, umpire contact information, event schedule, hotel requests, ear piece distribution, submitting UM Reports, final match count (payments) of your umpiring team, and a complete season Agenda

Any questions, issues, or if you are interested in getting involved, please contact us:

Nigel Traverso – JPH Director (516) 633-9471,
Rachael Bloemker – JPH Director (267) 307-3723,
Lurah Hess – JPH Technical Director (215) 317-5283,
TBD – JPH Director of Umpiring,
Kim Scott – JPH AltiusRT Director (856) 873-1843,

Thank you for supporting Junior Premier Hockey & enjoy the match!