Site Coordinator Responsibilities

As Site Coordinator, your main priority is to provide on-site hospitality and assist the on-site TD (Technical Delegate). We request that you have a car to purchase hospitality items prior to date of event and transport to the competition. If you do not have a car, but are available to work the event, please advise.

Site Coordinator Responsibilities

JPOL R8 Site Coordinator, Kim Bair, making her hospitality the most festive!

  1. Hospitality (Total $150 budget per date)
    1. PREPURCHASE snacks & beverages for the entire JPH staff prior to arrival on site. See suggestions listed below.
    2. Purchase or prepare lunch/party/deli tray for the entire JPH staff and deliver on site no later than 1:00 PM.
    3. If necessary, take orders from all (Umpires and Technical Staff). Approx. 10 – 15 people
    4. TD will have plates, utensils, napkins, coffee/maker, etc
  2. Set-up and maintain hospitality area throughout the day as needed
  3. See TD (Site Contact) to assist in any additional on-site tasks
  4. Submit your receipts post-event for full reimbursement

Suggested Items

  • Ice (4 small bags) if not supplied by facility for hospitality & ATC
  • 1 breakfast snack (Muffins/croissants/bagels with cream cheese)
  • 2 fruits/vegetables
  • 2 granola bars/cake/brownies/cookies/crackers
  • 1 bag chips
  • 1 pack small sports drink, maybe a case of soda
  • 2 cases Water
  • Half & half/cream (half pint, indoor season only)
  • 1 large cooler provided by TD for drinks/ice

Any questions, issues, or if you are interested in getting involved, please contact us:

Nigel Traverso – JPH Director (516) 633-9471,
Rachael Bloemker – JPH Director (267) 307-3723,
Lurah Hess – JPH Technical Director (215) 317-5283,
TBD – JPH Director of Umpiring,
Kim Scott – JPH AltiusRT Director (856) 873-1843,

Thank you for supporting Junior Premier Hockey & enjoy the match!