Judge Responsibilities

Thank you for volunteering to support Junior Premier Hockey and our efforts to provide accurate and prompt match results and statistics. Your real time statistics entries are available for all fans to view at: https://jph.altiusrt.com/

Please keep the following points in mind as you enjoy the match from one of the best seats in the venue:

  1. Professionalism and attention to your duties are expected and appreciated
  2. No comments to the umpires, players or coaches of either team
  3. Judges are not allowed to coach during the match for which they are serving as a Judge
  4. All questions should be directed to the JPH Technical Officer (TO)

The duties of the Judges are as follows:

  1. Scoreboard/Clock

Volunteer Judges with TO, Peg Wilfong, at Indiana University Region 9/10

    1. Set & Start Clock for each – start match on time per schedule
      1. Period (25 minutes Outdoor, 20 minutes Indoor) – running clock
      2. Half-time interval (4 minutes)
      3. Warm-Up (as available – must stay on schedule)
    2. Update scores at the umpire whistle to restart match after each goal
    3. Update period indicator before start of period
  1. Match Report – Paper and/or Altius Computer Program
    1. Check Match Report to confirm all player numbers are correct
    2. Record official match statistics
      1. Goals – team, player number, minute of goal, type of goal, score
      2. Cards – team, player number, card color, minute of card
      3. Substitutions (if time)
        1. Starters – indicated by “X”
        2. Minute of first pitch entry of substitutes
    3. Make note of half-time and full-time score
    4. Sign the match report at the end of the match

Any questions, issues, or if you are interested in getting involved, please contact us:

Nigel Traverso – JPH Director (516) 633-9471, BigAppleHockey@aol.com
Rachael Bloemker – JPH Director (267) 307-3723, Rachael3473@gmail.com
Lurah Hess – JPH Technical Director (215) 317-5283, LurahHess@yahoo.com
TBD – JPH Director of Umpiring, Rachael3473@gmail.com
Kim Scott – JPH AltiusRT Director (856) 873-1843, KScotty17@gmail.com

Thank you for supporting Junior Premier Hockey & enjoy the match!