ATC Responsibilities

Thank you for supporting Junior Premier Hockey in our efforts to provide a safe sporting environment for all participants

The duties of the ATC are as follows:

  1. Professionalism and attention to your duties are expected and appreciated
  2. You will be contacted via email by the site’s Technical Delegate (TD) in the week prior to confirm all details
  3. Arrive in time for the start of the first match and stay through the end of the last match on your field
  4. Report to the TD upon your arrival to get set up for the day. The TD is your main point of contact for any questions throughout the event
  5. Walk with your own kit and ice bags, ice will be provided on site
  6. Provide medical services such as evaluating injuries and providing first aid as needed throughout the day
  7. Drinks, lunch, snacks will be provided on site
  8. W9 is required and payment will be made via check upon completion of your final appointment for the season, unless arranged otherwise

Any questions, issues, or if you are interested in getting involved, please contact us:

Nigel Traverso – JPH Director (516) 633-9471,
Rachael Bloemker – JPH Director (267) 307-3723,
Lurah Hess – JPH Technical Director (215) 317-5283,
TBD – JPH Director of Umpiring,
Kim Scott – JPH AltiusRT Director (856) 873-1843,

Thank you for supporting Junior Premier Hockey & enjoy the match!