International Appointments

Junior Premier Hockey’s Technical Staff and Umpires are led by an elite group of officials who frequently earn international appointments. JPH’s success is due in part to their willingness to give back by developing the next generation of elite hockey athletes and officials. We value their work and effort and will continue to support them in all their hockey endeavors beyond Junior Premier Hockey. Our most sincere congratulations to each of them!

Click on each official below for a complete list of their appointments

TD Willard Harris (TTO)
ATD Laurie Hogan (CAN)
ATD Lurah Hess

Aaron Dudek
Dominique Degroot (GUY)
Donna Richardson
Elizabeth Rudd
Fenna Millen
Gena Piper
Jagdip Singh Mann (MAS)
John Phelan
Morton Veerasawmy
Rael Nyte
Regina Sands-Corl
Rene’ Zelkin
Renee Rutkowski
Rick Pollak
Samantha Flood
Sanjay D’Silva (CAN)

UM Roger St. Rose (TTO)
AUM Constantine Soteriades
AUM Donny Gobinsingh (TTO)

Alex Miles (CAN)
Allie Mickelson
Arevinth Vignarajasarma (UK)
Ashley Lemanski
Brooke McGinley
Chad Goodnight
Devin Hooper (GUY)
Elizabeth Lamm
Frank Maisano
Hannah Maisano
Jenna Cutilli
Judy Yurkfosky
Karen Uba
Ridge Bair
Tracy Maccariella
Vanessa Williamson (CAN)

Maddie Keppel
Won Kim