JPOL Roster Verification Guidelines

Team Rosters

Unlimited players and coaches (except R1-4 which is limited to 18 players and 2 coaches per weekend).
Players may play for more than one age division on any day/weekend provided they are listed on each age division’s Team Roster.
Team Roster Registration due via USA FH online roster verification during the outlined Registration Periods (RP).
No changes permitted to Team Roster except during the RPs for the duration of the season/event.

Registration Periods (RP)

RP1: Sunday prior to 1st competition date
RP2: Sunday prior to 4th competition date
RP3: Region 8 Only, Monday prior to 3rd competition weekend

Match Lineups

18 player and 2 coach maximum
Selected from Team Roster
Match Lineups must be submitted via AltiusRT by 5pm the Friday preceding each competition date.
Match Lineups may be adjusted up to 1 hour prior to match time.

Age Rules

Players may play up two (2) age divisions
U10 is between 7-9 years old on 12/31/2019
U12 is between 10-11 years old on 12/31/2019
U14 is between 12-13 years old on 12/31/2019
U16 is between 14-15 years old on 12/31/2019
U19 is between 16-18 years old on 12/31/2019

Boys Participation Policy

JPH U14 Boys Policy >>

Club Affiliation

Club Affiliation is required for: R5, R6, R7, R3/4/5/6/7 U14
Club Affiliation is NOT required for: R1-4, R8


USA FH Futures Attendance & Make-up Policies

USA FH Membership

All clubs, participants & coaches must be USA FH members in good standing for the duration of their event
College players are NOT eligible to participate