ROCL Date 2: 28 April 2013

Posted by: Rachael Bloemker

May 3, 2013

It was another beautiful spring day for Date 2 of the ROCL Region 6. Already the intensity level on the fields and the sidelines is increasing as teams watch the standing boards and seek out the teams to beat.

Most of the games played on Sunday were in the U-16 Division due to the Region 6 U-19 RCC being held simultaneously and therefore the absence of a few U-19 clubs. Best of luck to those clubs and we hope they were successful in their RCC.

In the ROCL U-16 Division, it looks like there will be a tight race for the top. After Date 1, Jersey Intensity, Total Dutch and New Heights topped the leader board. However after Date 2 they now stand – New Heights, Jersey Intensity and Total Dutch respectively with New Heights posting a 3-1 win over Jersey Intensity and a 2-1 win over Total Dutch. FC United and Spirit Eagles remain in 4th and 5th place respectively for the second week in a row.

In the U-19 Division, FC United dominated their competition posting two shutouts to move into first place. Total Dutch is in second place and only one game behind FC United with one less game played to date. South Jersey Edge and Jersey Intensity are close behind in 3rd and 4th place with seven (7) points each, and New Heights and Impact with six (6) points. Every team has four to seven more games left to be played so there’s plenty of room for movement in the standings.

Date 3 of competition is next weekend, May 5, to be held at Princeton University on the Astroturf. All games will be in the U-19 Division as some of the U-16 clubs are competing in their RCC. Best of luck to all clubs playing in the RCC and we’re looking forward to more exciting competition at the ROCL.