JPOL Date 4: 11 May 2013

Posted by: Rachael Bloemker

May 15, 2013

Sunday’s schedule saw the U-16’s in action at the Rutgers University, Bauer Track and Field / Field Hockey Complex.

On this Mother’s Day weekend, Mother Nature tried its best to prevent play on the 4th date of JPOL as weather reports called for thunderstorms all day. Most of the day was perfect for hockey, but in the end, we were not able to play the last two schedule games as the skies opened up. Those two postponed games will be rescheduled for next weekend May 18th and 19th.

At the completion of yesterday’s games, New Heights is one of only two undefeated clubs in the U-16 Division, sitting on top of the Leader Board with 16 points. In second place is Jersey Intensity FH with 15 points. The only other undefeated club is FC United, but they are currently in 4th position with 10 points and are tied with Total Dutch and South Jersey Edge. Due to goal differential, Total Dutch is in 3rd position and South Jersey Edge is in 5th. South Jersey Edge has also played one less game.

With the last dates of pool games to be held next weekend, all teams will be vying for a favorable spot on the leader board heading into the Championship on June 9th. The U-16 Championship will be held at Princeton University and the U-19 Championship at Rutgers University.

The last weekend of pool play is fast approaching – which of the ten clubs will make it to the Championship and be awarded the Challenge Trophy? Stay tuned as the excitement builds.

The conclusion of pool play will be held next weekend, Saturday May 18th, at Rutgers University Park & Recreation Complex and Sunday, May 19th at Princeton University Field Hockey Complex. Please review the updated schedule for the rescheduled games that were cancelled on Sunday due to severe weather.

Come on out and support your favorite Club!

Happy Mother’s Day!