JPIL Event Format & Pipeline

Junior Premier Hockey (JPH) hosts a series of indoor events throughout the winter season. These events are under the umbrella of Junior Premier Indoor League (JPIL) and now include JPIL Invitational U16 & U19, JPIL U14 and JPI Tournaments (JPIT).

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  • All JPIL events are USA FH sanctioned
  • All matches are 40-min (4 periods of 10-min)
  • All matches are played on sport court, hard court, or a multi-sport surface
  • All clubs, participants & coaches must be USA FH members in good standing for the duration of the event
  • Players may play up two (2) age divisions
  • Players may play for more than one age division on any day/weekend provided they are listed on each age division’s Team Roster
  • Team Roster verification required prior to the start of the season
  • Team Rosters remain fixed for the entire course of the season/event
  • Club affiliation not required
  • College players are not eligible to participate
  • All clubs will be scheduled and expected to play on each of the listed competition dates per the JPH Commitment of Competition


JPIL Invitational consists of U14, U16 & U19 age divisions, the latter two being invite only. They are our largest and most competitive events comprised of a fixed set of participating clubs who compete against each other for the duration of the 6-date season. League champions are determined via a playoff structure on the 6th and final competition date, held every year the weekend prior to NITs. Top performers at JPIL will receive automatic invitations to next year’s JPIL Invitational.

JPIL U14 Division