JPIL Round 2: 11 & 12 Jan 2014

Posted by: Rachael Bloemker

January 15, 2014

At the conclusion of round two and now that all Clubs have had the opportunity to play a few games, we can see that the competition is starting to heat up in both U16 & U19 divisions. The favorites in both divisions continue to be High Styx FH and Xcalibur FHC, but you should keep your eyes on SPark, FC United and Jersey Intensity FH, as well as East Coast FH.

In each division, over two hundred goals have been scored so far and we are not even half way through the competition. With the new Hockey 5’s Indoor rules and therefore one less player on the court, we are seeing a lot more goals being conceded by most clubs because of the openness of the game.

A test of speed, skill and fitness is now required to be successful in this new format, especially for the goalkeepers. This weekend, we witnessed some clubs pulling their goalkeepers when in possession and sending them back on when possession is lost. This is a tactic used by most, if not all, clubs in Europe and is good to see it being used Stateside, but you can be sure the goalkeepers do not like it one bit.

Only twenty-seven (27) goals separate the U-19’s from the U-16’s. The U-19’s scored two hundred and twenty-nine (229) compared to the U-16’s who scored a total of two hundred and two (202) after only twenty-four games.

The lead goal scorer in the U-16 division is Marissa Poliks of SPark with six field goals and six penalty corners for a total of twelve points. She is followed by Alivia Klopp of High Styx FH and Cassie Hunter of Xcalibur FHC, each with ten points.

Gabrielle Major of Xcalibur FHC tops the score table in the U-19 division with nineteen (19) field goals, one penalty corner and a penalty stroke for a total of twenty-one (21) points. She is trailed by Maeve Doherety of SPark with fourteen.

Although it’s still very early in the League, the two finalists from last year’s U-19 division, High Styx FH and Xcalibur FHC, together with East Coast FH, tops the leader board. On top of the leader board in the U-16 division are the two undefeated clubs, Xcalibur FHC and High Styx FH. However, the leader board is very misleading because not all clubs have played an equal number of games.

Every game is important because every club is vying for one of the top four spots at the end of pool play and the opportunity to play for the Championship. This will also guarantee an automatic invite to the 2015 JPIL. Final ranking is very important because it could be the deciding factor in a club receiving an invitation to return next year and compete in the 2015 Junior Premier Indoor League or not.

As we move back and forth between the Sportsplex in Feasterville to the Sportsplex in Pottstown, come on down and show your support for the League and your favorite club. On Martin Luther King’s birthday, Monday, January 20, we move back to the Sportsplex at Feasterville for the continuation of the U-19 competition.

In the U-14 competition and after completion of the first round of pool play, we now separate the clubs into two brackets, a Championship and a Ranking bracket. The top four ranked clubs in Pool A & B will play in the Championship bracket for the opportunity to be crowned the 2014 U-14 JPIL Champions. The Clubs ranked 5th – 8th in both Pools A and B will play against each other for final ranking.

At the end of pool play on Sunday, both Philly Hockey Club and CNY were ranked first in their respective pools, followed by High Styx FH and SPark. The eight clubs that will be vying for the U-14 Championship are, CNY, FC United, High Styx FH, Horizon FHC, Mystx United, Orange-Gottaloveit, Philly HC and SPark. These eight clubs resume play on February 2, while the other eight clubs resume play on January 20th. All dates are held at Marple Sports Arena in Broomall, Pa.

Final Ranking is very important because it could be the deciding factor as to who is selected to compete next year in the 2015 Junior Premier Indoor U-14 League.

All of the results can be found on our and on

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at one or all of the remaining JPIL dates!

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