JPIL 2014 Invitations sent

Posted by: Rachael Bloemker

July 12, 2013

The Junior Premier Hockey organizers have identified and sent out invitations to the Clubs listed to participate in the third annual Junior Premier Indoor League (JPIL) sponsored by Princess and sanctioned by USA Field Hockey.

Invitations to the League were sent to Clubs based on the following criteria:

  • Top performers at the 2013 NIT
  • Top four Clubs from the 2013 JPIL (1st – 4th Place)
  • Host Site Club

There will be two divisions, U-16 & U-19, and each division will have twelve Clubs. Each Club will play a total of eleven games in a round-robin pool format over the course of five dates and an additional two games for a final ranking on the Championship date, totaling thirteen games.

Games will be played in accordance with the current FIH Rules and will be 2 periods of 20 minutes.

All games will be held at the Sportsplex in Feasterville, PA or Pottstown, PA on the following dates:

  • Saturday, December 28 – Feasterville, PA
  • Monday, January 20 (MLK Day) – Feasterville, PA
  • Saturday, January 26 – Feasterville, PA
  • Saturday, February 1 – 422 Sportsplex, Pottstown, PA
  • Monday, February 17 (President’s Day) – 422 Sportsplex, Pottstown, PA
  • Saturday, February 22, Championship – 422 Sportsplex, Pottstown, PA

The organizers strongly believe that your participation in this League will provide your membership with a high level of competition on a regular basis, as well as, be very beneficial to those members who are involved in the National Indoor and Outdoor programs by competing regularly throughout the winter months in an international format.

The deadline for accepting the invitation and confirming your participation is October 1, 2013.

Invitations were sent to the following Clubs:


Top four from 2013 JPIL

1. High Styx FH 1st Place
2. East Coast FH 2nd Place
3. The Gaels FHC 3rd Place
4. XCalibur FHC 4th Place

Host Site Club

1. Mystx United Host

Top Performance from 2013 NIT

Club Pool NIT Results NIT Placement
1. WC Eagles A 7-0-0 1st Place
2. Rampage A 4-2-1 3rd Place
3. Key State FHC A 3-3-1 4th Place
4. PA Mavericks B 5-1-1 3rd Place
5. Kapow B 5-2-0 4th Place
6. H2O D 7-0-0 1st Place
7. SPark C 5-1-1 2nd Place
8. Jersey Intensity FH C 4-1-2 3rd Place
9. Alley Cats A 3-4-0 5th Place
10. Bison C 4-3-0 4th Place
11. Saints FHC D 4-3-0 3rd Place
12. Philly Hockey Club D 3-3-1 4th Place
13. High Voltage E 3-3-1 4th Place


Top four from 2013 JPIL

1. XCalibur FHC 1st Place
2. Spirit Eagles FH 2nd Place
3. Jersey Intensity FH 3rd Place
4. SPark 4th Place

Host Site Club

1. Mystx United Host

Top Performance from 2013 NIT

Club Pool NIT Results NIT Placement
1. WC Eagles A 5-0-1 1st Place
2. True North A 5-1-1 3rd Place
3. ME Majestix A 3-2-2 4th Place
4. Key State FHC A 3-3-1 5th Place
5. Rampage C 6-0-1 1st Place
6. High Styx FH C 6-1-0 2nd Place
7. Spirit of USA B 3-3-1 4th Place
8. FC United B 3-4-0 6th Place
9. Bluegrass Elite D 4-3-0 4th Place
10. Horizon FHC C 3-4-0 4th Place
11. Firestyx E 4-3-0 3rd Place
12. Strong Island FH D 3-3-1 5th Place


Congratulations and we look forward to your acceptance!


Junior Premier Hockey
Tournament Directors