JPH Welcomes Wendy Stewart & Ridge Bair

Posted by: Rachael Bloemker

March 15, 2018

Junior Premier Hockey was born with the mission to promote hockey. As hockey continues to evolve, and with it the demands of a new era, so must Junior Premier Hockey. As such, JPH found it necessary to bring some new members aboard to continue in the development of our sport throughout the various regions of the USA. JPH is proud to announce and welcome two new members to the family, Wendy Stewart of Canada, and longtime JPH umpire, Ridge Bair.

JPH quickly discovered in its early years, the importance of umpires and their role in our sport. As such, Nigel Traverso and Rachael Bloemker, JPH Directors, decided early on that they needed a top-level Umpires Manager to take the lead on recruiting, training, and retaining umpires for JPH events. Their search was quick, and they found a great person for the job, Dean Wenrich, the first JPH Director of Umpiring. Dean served JPH until the end of the 2017 JPOL season when he decided to step down from his Director of Umpiring role. JPH would like to thank Dean for his years of service to our organization and for paving the way for development opportunities for our umpires. JPH umpires have seen much success under the tutelage of Dean Wenrich including multiple umpires receiving their FIH badges and many others receiving upgrades on the FIH umpiring ladder. Dean will be missed, but not for too long! Dean has agreed to join us again as JPIL & JPOL Umpire Manager for the 2018 season!

Wendy Stewart – Photo credit Yan Huckendubler

In the meantime, JPH had been searching hard for a new Director of Umpiring to fill the large vacant shoes. The search is finally over, and JPH is proud to announce Wendy Stewart has joined the JPH family! Wendy accepted the role at the end of September. Wendy is no stranger to the JPH family having served as an umpires’ manager for the Big Apple Indoor Championships for several years and umpiring at numerous others before that. Wendy brings with her a vast amount of experience, both as an umpire and umpires’ manager. She has umpired in the Olympics, World Cup (Indoor and Outdoor), Champions Trophy, World League, Commonwealth Games, and many more. She has transitioned now into an umpires’ manager with plenty of experience there as well, including her most recent appointment, the Indoor World Cup in Berlin, Germany.

Ridge Bair – Photo Credit Andres Mallen

JPH has also welcomed another member to the family, Ridge Bair, as Communications Officer. JPH has recognized the need for a social media presence and gladly welcomes Ridge to fill this need. Ridge is a longtime supporter of JPH, having umpired in JPIL every season since its start in 2012. Since then, Ridge has gone on to earn his FIH badge in 2016 as well as umpire in the PanAm Cup in Lancaster in 2017. Ridge will be in charge of all JPH’s social media platforms, helping to showcase all JPH participants.

Please join JPH in welcoming both Wendy Stewart and Ridge Bair to the JPH family. We are all excited to see what wonderful things they have in store for us.