COVID-19 Policies


Due to COVID-19, the following policies will be implemented for the 2021 JPIL season. We understand that some of these changes may not be ideal, however such policies are required if we wish to come together and play. Therefore, we appreciate everyone’s cooperation in advance.

Those electing not to follow the JPH, 422 and/or USAFH COVID-19 policies may be told to leave the venue. Additionally, willful or wanton disregard of said policies will be addressed as according to the JPH Code of Conduct.


  • No schedule change requests will be entertained; all clubs will be scheduled to play on each competition date; all club schedules will have only a one-match break between games.
  • Should unforeseen circumstances require JPH to cancel the event prior to the start date (i.e. due to COVID-19), all clubs will receive a full refund less $100 admin fee. If the event is cancelled after the start of the league, all clubs will receive a pro-rated refund of $350 for each cancelled competition date.


  • All items should be removed from bench area including empty water bottles at the end of each match.
  • Waiting teams to allow previous team to fully vacate the bench area before entering to manage crowding to help maintain social distancing.
  • Limit items brought to team bench area and keep items spaced appropriately to maintain social distancing.
  • Use own water bottle.
  • Face masks and other personal equipment shouldn’t be shared.
  • For a complete outline of USA Field Hockey’s COVID-19 Policies >


  • 422 Sportsplex is now a membership-only facility. All participants (athletes, coaches, judges, JPH staff) must purchase a 422 membership that includes a $3/day fee. A membership is required to enter the facility and will be scanned upon entry. 422 Membership Instructions >
  • No spectators are permitted in the facility; only JPH participants (athletes, coaches, judges, JPH staff) may enter.
  • Everyone, including coaches, athletes, judges and staff, must wear a face mask at all times. Only athletes and umpires participating in a currently running match may choose not to wear a face mask.
  • Everyone will be temperature checked by 422 Sportsplex staff prior to being admitted to the facility.
  • Hand Sanitizing bottles have been secured in every player and scorekeeper box as well as in the main hallways.
  • Participants will be allowed in the facility no earlier than 30min prior to their first match start time.
  • Teams must remain in one of the taped-off team areas before and in-between matches and must exit the facility immediately following the end of their final match of the day.
  • All players must enter and exit a playing surface through the designated entry/exit points.
  • All physical contact after games is prohibited. Teams can give each other a verbal congrats.
  • All water fountains will be closed with a garbage bag and duct tape over them. Players will be encouraged to bring their own drink
  • For a complete outline of 422 Sportsplex’s COVID-19 Policies >


  • Each person entering the facility (athletes, coaches, judges, JPH staff, spectators) must complete a COVID-19 waiver plus a $7 fee prior to entering.
  • Each person entering the facility (athletes, coaches, judges, JPH staff, spectators) must complete an online state mandated questionnaire each date they enter the facility.
  • One parent/spectator per athlete is permitted to enter the facility and must also complete the waiver and questionnaire.
  • For a complete outline of Total Turf’s COVID-19 Policies >