2018 JPOL Champions

Posted by: Rachael Bloemker

June 27, 2018

The 6th Annual Junior Premier Outdoor League (JPOL) came to a close on June 3rd and we would now like to recognize and celebrate all of the victors and show our appreciation to all participants, supporters, volunteers and sponsors.

After several league dates of competitive field hockey, we can truly say that the benefits of participation and growing the game can be attested by many throughout the nation. The improvements in the quality of games from the first weekend in April to the various Championships is commendable and reflects the commitment of the players, parents, coaches, umpires, technical staff and many others.

The continued success of this League would not be possible without the support of many who tirelessly give of their time and experience. Much appreciation to the club directors, coaches and their membership who join us each spring to make this league possible. Many thanks to the Umpire Managers (UMs) and Technical Directors (TDs) and their staff of dedicated Technical Officers (TO), Umpires and parent Judges. You all give so much of your time and talent to be part of this event and its continued successes.


Special thanks to our JPH Directors, Rachael Bloemker, Nigel Traverso, Lurah Hess – Technical Director, Wendy Stewart – Director of Umpiring, Kim Scott – AltiusRT Director, and Ridge Bair – Communications Officer who contribute countless hours of dedication behind the scenes to help make JPOL the event it has become to date.

Recognition must also be given to the College and University coaches who took the time to be present. We hope that you were pleased with the level of competition and the organization of the event.

Much appreciation to the Universities and private institutions for granting us access and use of your facilities year after year. We hope to continue developing great relationships with you all. Thank You!
Special recognition to World Camp USA & Sport EuroTour – our Title Sponsor, Dita USA – the Official Ball Supplier and Harrow – the Official Awards Sponsor. Thank you for your continued support and believing in this event!

Philly Hockey club

To USA FH and Staff who worked closely with JPH throughout the season, we appreciate the continued support shown in working together for the good of the sport and your membership. We thank you and look forward to building and strengthening our relationship as a sanctioned event, that benefits the membership and at the same time helping to growing the sport by creating opportunities.

We would now like to recognize and congratulate the 2018 Champions and Special Award recipients from each of the participating Regions for an outstanding performance.


  • Champion – Spirit of USA
  • Harrow’s Most Valuable Player – Olivia Bent-Cole, Spirit of USA
  • Harrow’s Top Goal Scorer – Isabella Bianco, Uprise FHC


  • Co-Champions – TCOYO & Saints FHC
  • Harrow’s Most Valuable Player – Lucy Osherow, Charlotte Ambush
  • Harrow’s Top Goal Scorer – Elizabeth Adams, TCOYO & Rylie Wollerton, Saints FHC



Hudson Valley

  • R1-4 – ADK Gold
  • R5 – Xcalibur FHC
  • R6 – Uprise FHC
  • R7 – Freedom HKY
  • R8 – Saints FHC

Harrow’s Most Valuable Players

  • R1-4 – Hanke Govaert, Hudson Valley
  • R5 – Cheyanne Downin, Central Penn FH
  • R6 – Megan McKenna, Jersey Intensity & Elise Pettisani, Uprise FHC
  • R7 – Esha Shah, Freedom HKY
  • R8 – Courtney Tyson, Saints FHC

Harrow’s Top Goal Scorers

  • R1-4 – Taryn Ringer, ADK Gold
  • R5 – Sophia Gladieux, Xcalibur FHC
  • R6 – Cassie Boyce, NJ Starz & Amanda Middleman, Uprise FHC
  • R7 – Samantha Mogar, Freedom HKY
  • R8 – Jordan Krauss, Rampage FH


Xcalibur FHC

  • R1-4 – Hudson Valley
  • R5 – Xcalibur FHC
  • R6 – Jersey Intensity FH
  • R7 – H2O
  • R8 – Metro HC

Harrow’s Most Valuable Players

  • R1-4 – Julianna Cappello, Hudson Valley
  • R5 – Kelsey Reznick, Xcalibur FHC
  • R6 – Kali Williams, Jersey Intensity FH
  • R7 – Rachel Borzymowski, H2O
  • R8 – Aaryn Boatwright, Typhoon Elite

Harrow’s Top Goal Scorers

  • R1-4 – Lillian Hickey, ADK & Madison Baciuska, Hudson Valley & Emma Rutledge, Maine Styx
  • R5 – Madeleine Zimmer, Alley Cats
  • R6 – Nicole Krozser, Jersey Intensity FH
  • R7 – Mackenzie McKillop, TNT FH
  • R8 – Maggie Goodwin, Metro HC

On behalf of Junior Premier Hockey and its Directors, Rachael Bloemker and Nigel Traverso, we say many thanks to all for your hard work, dedication, commitment, support and cooperation in making this Junior Premier Hockey event a continued success. We wish you all much success the rest of the year and look forward to your continued support and participation in 2019.

If you or anyone you know has any pictures you would like to see featured on our website or social media pages, be sure to tag us with @JrPremierHockey and #JPOL2018 or by emailing us at juniorpremierhockey@gmail.com.

If your Region is not represented and your Club would like to be part of any of the Junior Premier Hockey events, please Contact Us at your earliest.

We are also looking for any hockey enthusiasts who would like to contribute their talents as a volunteer. Check out our Tech & Umpires section for the many areas where you can give back to the game. Training is provided!

For all results, final ranking and other information, please visit our JPOL landing page and view results by Region.