2014 JPOL Champions Crowned!

Posted by: Rachael Bloemker

June 18, 2014

On the weekend of June 7th and 8th, the Junior Premier Outdoor League officially came to an end and the 2014 Champions have been crowned!

In Region 5, in a thrilling end to the season for Region 5, the first ever Division Champions were crowned and Xcalibur FHC walked away in fashion with two more Junior Premier Hockey Championships.

In the U-19 Division, the clubs finished their second complete round of pool play to determine the Champion. As of June 1st, it was determined that either Alley Cats or Xcalibur FHC would finish in either first or second place as no other club could catch them. Alley Cats sat in first only based on goal differential. As it happened, the two clubs played on the final day. In a fantastic hockey show, Xcalibur came out with the win 3-2. East Coast FH nearly spoiled their day holding Xcalibur to a 2-2 draw and Alley Cats held on strong against Philly HC with a narrow 1-0 win. Final standings were Xcalibur FHC in first and Alley Cats in second.

In the U-16 Division, the top four clubs after pool play competed for the Championship. The first semi-finals saw Xcalibur FHC with a convincing victory over Kapow, by a 6–1 margin. In the other semi-finals, East Coast was able to hold off Mystx by a slim 1-0 victory, setting up a thrilling Final. The final game between Xcalibur and East Coast was a game of two ends, both teams having numerous and high percentage opportunities. Fantastic attack, sturdy defense and exciting goal keeping made for an exciting end of the day with Xcalibur defeating East Coast 4-2.

In Region 6, the competitiveness of all the clubs was very noticeable on the field and reflected in the final scores, where most of the games were won or lost by a one-goal margin.

In the U-16 Division, eight of the ten Clubs came together on a beautiful Sunday, where the winners move on in a knockout format. With superb goalkeeping and steady defense, goals were very hard to come by except in the second semi-finals where the eventually Champion, New Heights proved to be too much for Total Dutch FH. The first Semi-finals saw last year’s Champions, Jersey Intensity FH, narrowly defeating Princeton 1-0 to face New Heights as they looked to defend their Crown. With a rematch from last year’s Championship, New Heights turn the tables and took the Championship Trophy Home.

The Templar Field Hockey Most Valuable Player award went to Ali McCarthy, New Heights

In the U-19 Division, all of the games were competitive until the final buzzer sounded. Although we only witnessed one shoot-out, Jersey Intensity and Total Dutch in the second semi-finals, all other games were too close to call.
In the end, just as we saw in the U-16, the table was turned and the Championship Trophy was handed over to a new Champion FC United. With superb goalkeeping, they played a very good, simple, structured game and made every opportunity count.

The Templar Field Hockey Most Valuable Player award went to Megan Cunningham, FC United

With the Championship results from this Region 6 JPOL being used as the RCC to identify its NCC representatives, we congratulate those Clubs and hope they will represent the Region well.

Region 7: It was a beautiful Saturday, great atmosphere at the beautiful sport complex at Garrison Forest High School, Maryland, where we brought their 1st Annual JPOL to a close.

In the U-16 Division, to complete their pool play, Freedom HKY won both of their games earlier in the day, then had to hang around for about three hours to see how SPark would fair in their last game against Howard Stampede. With both team equal in most of the ranking categories, SPark had to score at least five goals to be crowned the Champions. They scored four and the celebration can be heard from across the fields as Freedom HKY won the Title by a mere one-goal difference.

In the U-19 Division, we saw a very exciting contest between Oranje-Gottaloveit and Freedom HKY, with Oranje holding on for a narrow 2 – 1 victory. Freedom had a last opportunity to tie the game at the end of regulation on a short corner, but was unable to execute under pressure.

Congratulations to all of the 2014 Champions, the runners-up and all of the Clubs that participated. We hope that you all had a great experience and benefitted by being part of this Junior Premier Outdoor League.

Special thanks to the Umpire Managers, Umpires, Technical Staff, all of who made the commitment to be involved in this program and making this such a successful event.

To our Title Sponsor, Fieldhockeyrecruits, and all of our other Sponsors, Templar Field Hockey Group, Dita, Team Ferrier, thank you for you support and we hope you will continue to support this wonderful program.

Special thanks to all of the facilities for granting us access and hope that you will continue to open your doors to us; to the coaches for your patience, understanding and support of this League and hope that the benefits gained were well worth your participation; and last but not least, to the parents and families, all of whom without which this League does not move forward.

Good Luck to all at the National Club Championship!

Check our website for the Championship Results from all of the Regions.

Should your club be interested in participating in the 2015 JPOL or need additional information about next year’s events, please visit our website at or contact Rachael Milne RachaelMilne@yahoo.com or Nigel Traverso.

We invite you to join us next year!

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