University Coaches

Junior Premier Hockey is pleased to extend an invitation to all college and national team coaches to attend any of the upcoming JPH events. Please Contact Us or see the on-site Technical Delegate upon your arrival. We would be happy to accommodate you in our hospitality area for beverages and snacks while you enjoy watching the athletes participate in high level league play with their teammates.

Complete match schedules, team rosters, and live results reporting, are available on the JPIL & JPOL Results pages. Also, upon request, we can provide a complete listing of event participants, including their club, jersey number, graduation year, and contact information.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing from you!

The following is a list of college and university coaches who have attended JPH events in past seasons.


Drexel University, Denise Zelenak, head coach
Lehigh University, Taylor Dyer, associate head coach
Shippensburg University, Jordan Page, assistant coach
Syracuse University, Allan Law, associate head coach
University of Delaware, Jordan McKee, assistant coach


Albertus Magnus College, Joe Caruso, Head Coach
Babson College, Julie Ryan, Head Coach
Babson College, Kirsten Kilburn, Assistant Coach
Bentley University,Jessica Spencer, Head Coach
Boston University, Tracey Paul, Assistant Coach
Columbia University, Katie DeSandis, Assistant Coach
Drexel University, Danica Deckard, Assistant Coach
Framingham State University, Allie Lucenta, Head Coach
Franklin Pierce University, Zoe Adkins, Head Coach
Indiana University, Amanda Janney, Head Coach
Keuka College, Erika Profenno, Head Coach
LaSalle University, Sarah Anderson, Assistant Coach
MIT, Julia Mauro, Assistant Coach
Rowan University, Michelle Andre, Head Coach
Saint Anselm College, Carolyn King-Robitaille, Head Coach
Saint Joseph’s University, Hannah Prince, Assistant Coach
Saint Joseph’s University, Lynn Farquhar, Head Coach
Southern New Hampshire University, Annie Villare, Assistant Coach
Stonehill College, Susan Ciufo, Head Coach
SUNY New Paltz, Shanna Szablinski, Head Coach
SUNY Oswego, Heather Moore, Head Coach
Syracuse University, Ange Bradley, Head Coach
Syracuse University, Katie Gerzabek, Assistant Coach
Temple University, Roz Ellis, Associate Head Coach
UMass Lowell, Katie White, Associate Head Coach
University of Delaware, Rolf van de Kerkhof, Head Coach
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Sarah Mansfield, Assistant Coach
University of New Hampshire, Robin Balducci, Head Coach
University of Pennsylvania, Katelyn O’Brien, Assistant Coach
Villanova University, Allyson Fuller, Assistant Coach
Wheaton College, Cara Reese, Head Coach
William Patterson University, Lindsay Balfour, Head Coach
Williams College, Alix Barrale, Head Coach
Williams College, Kate Kurzanski, Assistant Coach

University Coaches in Attendance Archive